A US golf apparel brand which is famous as a premier source of stylish, comfortable golf and leisure apparel.

Munsingwear is originated in the US back in 1955. At that time, a salesman of a garment manufacturer bought a penguin doll during his business trip and he came across an old lady. This old lady said to him "You know, this penguin ought to be your identity!" when she saw the penguin doll. This incidence inspired the salesman to use the "Penguin" as the trademark logo of the company afterwards.

Later, the company continued to enrich the varieties of the product content and gradually the Golf Apparel became the focus of Munsingwear. In the early 60's, Descente Co Ltd.
("Descente") became the exclusive licensee of Munsingwear and started the sale of Munsingwear in Japan. Today, Descente has become the sole manufacturer and distributor of Munsingwear in Southeast Asia.

With the trademark "Penguin" as logo, Munsingwear became an American brand for traditional golf apparel. With American traditional style as the basis, Munsingwear mainly produces stylish, comfortable, functional products to customers who are keen golfers and regard golf as a part of their lives. Traditional style guaranteed "reliance" & "confidence", this made golfing become more enjoyable when people wear Munsingwear's apparels. In addition to colourful tones, vitality is also enhanced.