New brand image for MSW with Kimura takuya

Kimura Takuya’s “Love” of Munsingwear First Endorsement of A Golf Brand

Munsingwear, a golf brand from the United States, announced today that it had officially contracted with Asian superstar Kimura Takuya as spokesperson of the new season. By doing so, Munsingwear would strengthen its fashionable brand image and build a new model for leisure trend.

Born in 1955, Munsingwear has now developed into an established apparel brand in the golf world. It embraces “American traditional style”, stresses the organic integration of comfort and functionality, and highlights the sense of superiority, quality and ease. Munsingwear carries on its innovation in high-tech fabrics and fashion design, and with a new brand concept, stands out from a number of casual clothing brands. It is a star both in golf fans and the fashion world.

Munsingwear is convinced that “Clothing embodies the era and can create the era”. The penguin on its trademark, also a doll of the brand, has been active in the eyes of fans. With Asian superstar Kimura Takuya as a contracted spokesperson, Munsingwear will once again set off a hurricane in the fashion world.